Alexandria Surprise Engagement – Maureen and Josh

The past 6 weeks have been insane. I have had shoots every single week, non-stop, since the second week of October. I feel so happy, so blessed, to have people believe so much in the stories I tell through my photographs, that they want to hire me. And while it’s pretty difficult to play favorites – this shoot is definitely one to go down in the books.

Like I said, I’ve been shooting and working my regular job as a piano teacher for the past 6 weeks. The one weekend I reserved for myself was my birthday weekend, November 10. I said I wouldn’t do any work, just relax and enjoy being pampered! (I have a thing about birthdays.) So when Josh emailed me… I had a big problem.

Josh emailed me, introducing himself and telling me he planned on proposing to his girlfriend, Maureen. I had the pleasure of getting to know her through Legally Blonde, my Wizard of Oz shoot and even at RCP’s Rodgers & Hammerstein concert. And well, I was absolutely tickled that I knew something before someone else did. It was hard not to email her and spill the beans, because I knew how ecstatic she would be!! But I kept it to myself. And when he added that he would be proposing at the Little Theater of Alexandria (where I had the pleasure of performing in Footloose back in 2007), I knew I couldn’t pass this one up.

Being a part of this proposal was… I just… have no words. It was so humbling, to be a part of this significant moment in a couple’s love story. Witnessing Josh’s nervous excitement, seeing all the lovely details he planned, the FBI-worthy espionage with which he set this whole plan into motion… Maureen’s tears of joy, her love for Josh… it was truly amazing. If I could shoot proposals for the rest of my life, before the stress of wedding planning sets in, before family gets in the way, before guest lists and seating charts invade, I would. I so would.

So thank you to Josh and Maureen. Thank you for making me tear up at your beautiful love story, thank you for letting me eavesdrop and watch this intimate moment, thank you for trusting me to capture your story. I am excited for you and everything your future holds!



Josh, who does film and photography, had put together a sweet video of photos of him and Maureen, through their relationship. She was laughing and crying as I snuck out from the wings and photographed her reactions.








This next photo cracks me up – Josh had never opened a bottle of champagne before, and he was SO EXCITED when he opened it without breaking anything!








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  1. K. Jans says:

    This is so adorable it’s almost unreal. On the one hand, because of the venue and the lighting, it looks like a scripted performance–but then I look at the faces of the couple and I see how tender and true this moment is.

    I’m adding this to my to-do list: get engaged in a theater! πŸ˜‰

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